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Benel Labs

Benel Labs is a research and development department of Benel Energy Resources Ltd.

As a R&D Lab, Benel Labs aims to optimize the various technical processes that spans across the different sectors of the economy with advanced optimization techniques and application of data science and machine learning to provide digital solutions to the problems of various industries.

Drilling Research and Development

A key component of drilling performance that directly impacts well cost and efficiency is the rate of penetration (ROP) and is known to account for 40–60% of overall well time depending on the depth of the well.

Mathematical Modelling and Stochastic Optimization

Stochastic optimization refers to a collection of methods for minimizing or maximizing an objective function when randomness is present.

Artifical Intelligence in Oil & Gas

With the changing landscape for energy production, AI can give incredible advantages across the whole value chain, such as help oil and gas businesses evaluate the worth of particular reservoirs, customize drilling, and survey the dangers of various wells.

Health Care

Data Science can play a pivotal role in monitoring patients’ health and communicating the required steps to prevent potential diseases. In addition, predictive powerful analytics tools can help detect chronic diseases at early stages.


Data science can be applied to finance in several ways, such as fraud prevention, risk management, customer analytics, algorithmic trading, etc.




Predictive maintenance is a technique that uses condition-monitoring tools and techniques to monitor the performance of a structure or a piece of equipment during operation


Increase profits

Save cost during production from better Planning & Decision-Making

Increase predictability

Use technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to work with the data that the company has and, in this way, carry out more precise analyses of what is to come.

Streamline Production

use data science in business is to identify inefficiencies in production processes.

Facilitate the decision-making process

One benefit of Data Science is improving the decision-making process.


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